studies & surveys

moving has been active for almost 10 years, in which moving active in companies, in physiotherapeutic practice, in schools, etc. used, repeatedly put to the test. Whether university studies, company surveys, or other evaluations, moving's adoption, efficiency, and frequency of use have always been excellent, often far beyond the performer's expectations.

See for yourself, below is an excerpt from the study material.


Study of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University - Mainz 2007


Study of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University - Mainz 2007: more information

Study design preventive: more information

Study design rehabilitative: more information



Studie Friedrich-Alexander-Universität - Erlangen 2004


Study of the  Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen: more information



Survey Deutsche Bahn AG - 2007 & 2011


Survey Deutsche Bahn (2011): more information

Survery Deutsche Bahn (2007): more information