what our
customers say

Dr. Gravert - Deutsche Bahn AG

Head of Health Management, Chief Physician, Hygiene Expert (HBG)


"We have been introducing moving at Deutsche Bahn on all workstations throughout the Group since 2009. It is our largest and most successful project for the prevention of back problems in the office." With the help of moving, many thousands of employees are regularly reminded of the relaxation of the back muscles We're moving through the business days, and the new moving 2 - landing is an excellent addition to stress prevention. "



 Anja Dimowski - BARMER Schwerin


"In our team, I've infected my colleagues with the moving virus. Every working day (!) Shortly after 10 o'clock, the phones are turned off, the windows open wide and we just focus on ourselves, it crunches and crackles and pinches here and there in the exercises and every time we all say: "That was good !!!". So you have reached us! I would like to give you this feedback. "