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with moving

about moving

moving has been developed over 20 years of research to make people stay fit and healthy. moving prevents many aches and pains, which occur getting older, when you don’t’care .

About the initiator Roswitha Ram-Devrient
Mrs. Ram-Devrient, a dedicated natural scientist, has been motivating people to practice preventive moves daily for over three decades. She is convinced that as well as daily brushing the teeth is an effective way to keep teeth healthy, moving will prevail as an effective way to stay fit and mobile and to avoid back pain.
The knowledge of the beneficial effects of gentle and slow movement, which has existed for thousands of years, is optimally used by moving and thus offers the opportunity to remain in a very easy way mentally and physically mobile until old age

moving expert panel
Dr. med. Fritz Schmutz, Orthopedics at Villa Quisisana, Baden Baden www.orthoquisisana.de
Dr. med.univ. Christopher Po Minar, Anshen Center Old Danube, Vienna, www.anshen-zentrum.at

Dr. Tobias Glück, clinical and health psychologist, www.tobiasglueck.at
Nicol Heidinger, graduate ecotrophologist